Has you business been turned down for credit card processing due to the high volume of credit card chargebacks in your industry? If so, we can help find you the security and reliability of a high risk credit card processor.

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Avoiding & Fighting Chargebacks
No matter how good your business operation is, you are on thin ice when it comes to chargebacks. The system is rigged against you. The Visa/MasterCard rules say that chargebacks cannot go over 1% of your tickets. You could have a business that does 90 transactions per month with an average ticket of $1,400, and one month you have 3 chargebacks. That represents 3.3% chargebacks. So your very nice business that is grossing $126,000 per month has just lost their credit card processing account. Now that cancelation is not automatic, but if you only have one merchant account, it could be devastating.

That is why it is so important to work with a professional and plan ahead to defend yourself against chargebacks.

Step 1 is the proper website that will be approved by a processing bank.

Step 2 is a chargeback alert system which we will provide for you. This means that we divert the chargeback notification before it reaches the processing bank so that you can handle it and avoid the chargeback.

Step 3 is to actively fight the chargeback.

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