Nationwide High Risk Credit Card Processing is a website that markets credit card processing. All credit card processing is basically controlled by Visa and MasterCard. We are NOT a financial institution.

We do not charge any merchants for any of our services. We have no upfront fees for any of our services. Our expertise comes in knowing the pitfalls of the various high risk industries when it comes to credit card processing and knowing which banks are most likely to allows such a business to get a merchant account through them. We provide the merchants we work with the applications from specific processing entities and/or banks. These entities are the only ones that can approve applications. We have no say in this process. These processing entities pay us commissions on a monthly basis for customers/merchants that they approve and do business with in the previous month. We act as brokers. While a merchant may be able to apply themselves to hundreds of banks and, perhaps, get lucky in finding the one who will approve them, our skills are in avoiding the guess work and getting the merchant up and running quickly. This is why our success rate is so high. The banks we support are diverse and span the spectrum of high profile banks in the US and abroad. They are household names throughout the world. While there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of companies providing the same type of service that we provide, we believe that we do a superior job in speed, service, and pricing.