We have been processing with one of those online all- purpose sources.  After 4 weeks they dropped us because they didn’t want to do business with our category.  Can Nationwide help?

Yes, we get 2-3 calls like yours every week.  There are companies out there that approve everybody and then review what you are actually doing after the fact.  The problem is that they often then hold your money. At Nationwide, we operate in a clear and transparent manner.  We ask you what you do or what you sell, and we look at your website.  Our banks understand the risk of your industry before they say yes. 

I am on the TMF file.  How do I get an account?

We have a processor that can handle that problem.  They realize there are many different reasons that can put you on a TMF file.  It sometimes requires extra paperwork, but we can get it done.  Contact us ASAP.