Is your business categorized as “High Risk” by traditional credit card processing companies? Are you getting denied for high risk merchant services because you operate in one of the many high risk industries? If that is you or someone you know, we understand just how frustrating and lengthy the process of getting a high risk merchant account is. In fact, we hear that from almost all of our clients. Rest assured, you are not alone and we are here to help.
Most commonly, high risk businesses are forced into looking for offshore high risk merchant account services with untrustworthy banks or a high risk processing rate of over 10%! With us, you will not have to worry about unnecessary high risk processing fees or merchant deals with unacceptable off-shore banks. No matter what type of high risk industry you are in, we will help reduce the associated fees with high risk credit card processing and keep you in good hands with our high risk professionals. Even if you are considered “High Risk”, you are not high risk to us! We do have direct connections with good professional offshore banks when necessary.

Choosing a High Risk Merchant Processor
Nationwide High Risk Credit Card Processing provides high risk credit card processing services that are specifically designed for high risk businesses in various high risk industries. With years of experience in credit card processing for business and thousands of satisfied clients, our stellar track record speaks for itself in our ability to provide exceptional high risk merchant services. From our highly skilled customer service team to our high client retention rate, you will not have to go to any other high risk credit card processor once you start processing payments with us.

Our High Risk Processing Solutions
Providing online payments, reports, fraud prevention, e-commerce, and more, Nationwide High Risk Credit Card processing is the best high risk merchant service provider in the business today.

Combined with our low rates, innovative technology, knowledgeable customer service, and years of expertise, Nationwide High Risk Credit Card Processing is positioned to help your high risk card present and online business thrive. We can provide high risk credit card processing, and very specialized high risk check processing programs for your company. When you choose Nationwide High Risk Credit Card Processing as your high risk merchant processor, you will see an immediate difference in the cost and in your savings. Additionally, our advanced technology and monitoring software enables you to worry less about the transactions and focus more on the marketing of your business. It is simply the reason why high risk businesses choose us for their high risk merchant services. We hope that you will also!