This is a fast moving hectic business. Average tickets usually run $350-850 for short family vacations – typically to Orlando, Vegas, Branson, and Mexico all inclusive trips.

Yes, we have many merchants in this category. We know the problems, and the solution is dealing with an expert and his relationships with banks that are accustomed to this category and are not afraid of it. We are those experts!

Our program is to get every merchant at least two processing accounts. There are no upfront fees – our job is to get you high risk credit card processing.

Please take just 30 seconds in filling out the 30-Second High Risk Assessment on the right so we can tell you how we can get your high risk merchant services and accounts up and running quickly or call:

Lloyd Katz at 561-676-1976 or Mike Katz at 404-692-0959 and get an even faster response!