Off Shore or International Credit Card Processing

Who Needs this Service?

  1. Merchants located in the United States whose business model is so high risk that you have not been able to find a US bank/processor who will handle your account. Some of these industry types usually include CBD oil, online payday loans, credit repair, remote tech, collections and many others.
  2. Merchants located in the US but whose customers are located outside of the US and therefore those merchants will be accepting large volumes of international credit cards, usually over 20% of the total volume. This category includes travel clubs, mini-vacations, and travel visa services to name a few.
  3. Businesses located outside the US some of whom do business with Americans and others that do business with other foreign nationals. This very often includes remote tech support, web design, training, coaching and informational services.
  4. Businesses that have a larger than normal percentage of chargebacks.


What are the pros and cons of using Off Shore or International Processing?


  1. Very often you can quickly get an Off Shore or International processor when you can’t get anyone in the US to do your processing.
  2. Usually there is no monthly cap on the volume of processing.
  3. Many of our Off Shore or International processors will work with you to mitigate your chargeback problem.

Cons (negative factors in Off Shore or International processing)

  1. The different time zones make communication somewhat slower.
  2. Off Shore or International processing is very often more expensive.
  3. Until the processor gets used to working with you, they will make deposits into your bank only once per week.


Other Factors

  1. Our office is open seven days a week.
  2. We have years of experience in this field.
  3. We have multiple solutions in the US so that many of the merchants who call us assuming they need Off Shore or International processing, can actually be placed with a US solution.
  4. Call Lloyd Katz – 561-676-1978.
  5. ***We never charge an upfront fee…we only make our money when you are actively processing.


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