The Match is sometimes referred to as the Terminated Merchant File. In all cases, to be placed on this list is devastating. You would be better off if you were arrested for murder. At least you would have the protection of the Constitution, the Grand Jury system, a defense attorney, the courts, and finally a jury of your peers.

That being said, you are on the match file and that’s terrible. You need a professional – someone who understands how to handle the situation. Your goals are simple… to find a processing entity. We approach the problem from many directions and, if all else fails, there are offshore banks that will accept you… and this would be your last resort. However, before we reached that point you should know that there are many opportunities right here in the U.S. and we are the best professionals to resolve your problem We do not charge any upfront fees and we are always working for you!

Please take just 30 seconds in filling out the “30-Second High Risk Assessment” on the right so we can tell you how we can get your high risk credit card processing up and running quickly or call:

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