These industries are amongst the most high risk in the world of Visa / MasterCard. The systems hate these categories and most banks will not service them.

You CAN, however, have such a business that requires high risk merchant accounts. We have solutions both here in the U.S. and offshore. Sometimes those offshore solutions work best. We have the opportunity where you could be up and processing in 4 days. However, it is important that you complete and provide us with the necessary documentation. The faster you respond, the quicker we can help you. Many of our clients in these industries need a program of recurring payments. You can charge your customer once a week, once a month or whatever time frame you choose. You can even select a different time frame for each of your customers.

Please take just 30 seconds in filling out the 30-Second High Risk Assessment on the right so we can tell you how we can get your high risk credit card processing/ high risk merchant accounts up and running quickly or call:

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