Credit card processing banks make the decision that your industry is “high risk”. It does not matter how well run your company is, it doesn’t matter how carefully your company provides service to your customers. Once a bank decides that yours is a high risk industry, businesses that fall into that category are now considered high risk. It is your responsibility to find someone who can guide you through the rules and regulations so that you can move forward, accept credit cads, build your business and earn an income. Unfortunately, most businesses need to accept credit cards. You need the help and we are here to help you!

We recommend Michael Katz – an industry professional who understands the problems and has the solutions.

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Look for Alternatives

Travel, collections, remote tech support, credit repair – these and many other businesses are deemed to be high risk. The chances are your regular bank will not accept these high risk industries. It’s the industry they don’t want – not you!. In fact, if you are in the industry they declare to be high risk, you never get the chance to process. You’re out in the cold and need a professional high risk processor, namely someone who has been through this before and who understands the problems of your industry. They need to know how to help you rewrite your website and give you advice on the completion of your application. The right company guides you through the pitfalls. The last thing you want is to be declined by a bank. You need to be accepted by a high risk credit card processor with the least amount of problems.

Offshore Banks

For US businesses, offshore processing is not the primary solution. However, with the right professional and the right guidance, you may find that offshore processing works perfectly for you. We recommend banks in the European Union (EU). Our preferred countries are England, Germany, Iceland, and Malta.

Michael Katz, 404-642-0959, has the experience and knows which banks will handle your high risk industry. Many merchants find that offshore banks fulfill a lot of needs. Very often they allow larger monthly volumes or startup situations. Offshore banks often allow a greater number of chargebacks. You must find the right professional who can recognize your problems and guide you through them.